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"That's so 60's": Groupies
Female groupies in particular have a long-standing reputation of being available sexually to celebrities, pop stars, rock stars and other public figures. In the book Hammer of the Gods (Stephen Davis, 1985), Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant is quoted distinguishing between fans who wanted brief sexual encounters, and "groupies" who traveled with musicians for extended periods acting as a surrogate girlfriend or mother, often taking care of the musician's valuables, drugs, wardrobe, and social life. The GTOs ("Girls Together Outrageously"), with Pamela Des Barres in particular, as de-facto spokeswoman, associated with Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention and other late 1960s and 70s stars, and the Plaster Casters are probably the best known groupies of this type. They are sometimes even referred to as "road wives."

According to Pamela Des Barres book, Let's Spend The Night Together, there is at least one verified male groupie, Pleather, who followed female celebrities such as Courtney Love and members of the 80s pop group The Bangles.

"Apple Scruffs", from George Harrison's album "All Things Must Pass", refers to the Apple scruffs, a group of teenage girls who staked out the Beatles' Apple Corps offices, Abbey Road Studios, and Paul McCartney's home, often sleeping outside in rough weather, waiting for a glimpse of a Beatle. The Beatles' song "She Came In Through the Bathroom Window" (from Abbey Road) refers to the day a few Scruffs climbed into Paul McCartney's house via an upstairs bathroom window and raided his closet for a pair of pants, which they took turns wearing. They also took a framed photograph, which they later returned at Paul's request.

source: wikipedia

Famous Groupies

Cynthia Plaster Caster

Nancy Spungen

Bebe Buell

Patti Smith

Sable Starr

Pamela des Barres
Pamela at 16

If you wanna learn more about groupies I really recomend you watching "Almost Famous", staring Kate Hudson as a groupie herself. I love that movie!

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Anônimo disse...

patti smith wasn't a groupie, she was a rock'n'roll star :S

w. disse...

just wanted to say thats morgana welch, not sable starr
but great post!

Marieke disse...

I love your post. Just watched Almost Famous yesterday and I love the movie too. The rest of your blog is also very nice.

Anônimo disse...

Patti Smith was not a groupie at all!

Anônimo disse...

patti smith:

a poet, not a groupie.

she never was, and never has been anything approaching a band aid.

60iesStyle disse...