sábado, 21 de fevereiro de 2009

60's Inspiration: George Harrison

Here's a shot with George Harrison's son and a model, recreating the 60's. He looks so much like his dad!

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honeyboney disse...

hmm.. the same with me :D and i was soooo born in the wrong decade, i hope somebody invents a time-machine soon ;)
i just wow at your posts, they are so well thought-of and detailed... i just merely throw out a picture and write a bit of rambling when i feel like it... but i can´t be bothered to research excactly i write it all by memory that´s there´s stuff like "well i can´t be sure but i think it was this or that... blabla..." on me blog :D
keep on swinging!! <3

Furr M. disse...

i was looking this magazine the other day at the hairstylist, i belive its "Fashion Rocks" magazine, isn't it?? (space-monkey@hotmail.es)

Lola Re disse...

woo looks just like George! following your blog now, glad I found it. xx