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60's Icon Profile: Jaqueline Bisset

Date of Birth: 13 September 1944, Surrey, England

Birth Name: Winnifred Jacqueline Fraser-Bisset
Heigh: 5' 6½" (1.69 m)

Mini Biography:

Jacqueline Bisset has been an international film star since the late 1960s. She received her first roles mainly because of her stunning beauty, but over time she has become a fine actress respected by fans and critics alike. Bisset has worked with such various directors, including Roman Polansku and co-starred with actors of the caliber of Anthony Quinn, Linda Hamilton, Paul Newman, Leelee Sobieski, Armand Assante and Candice Bergen.

Her somewhat French-sounding name has led many to assume that she is from France, but she was brought up in England and had to study to learn French. Her mother is French and was an attorney before being married. As a child Jacqueline studied ballet. During her teenage years her father left the family when her mother was diagnosed with disseminating sclerosis; Jacqueline worked as a model to support her ailing mother and eventually her parents divorced, an experience she has said she considered character-strengthening. She took an early interest in film, and her modeling career helped pay for acting lessons.

In 1967 Bisset gained her first critical attention in "Two for the road" 1967), and in that same year appeared in the popular James Bond spoof "Casino Royale" (1967), playing Miss Goodthighs. In 1968 her career got a boost when Mia Farrow unexpectedly dropped out of the shooting of "The Detective" (1968); Farrow's marriage to co-star Frank Sinatra was on the rocks, and her role was eventually given to Bisset, who received special billing in the film's credits. In the following year she gained even more attention playing opposite Steve McQueen in the popular action film "Bullitt" (1968). In 1973 she became recognized in Europe as a serious actress when she played the lead in Truffaut's "Day for Night" (Nuit américaine, La (1973)). However, it would be several years before her talents would be taken seriously in the US.

Jacqueline's stunning looks and figure made quite a splash in "The Deep" (1977). Her underwater swimming scenes in that movie inspired the worldwide wet T-shirt craze, and Newsweek magazine declared her "the most beautiful film actress of all time". However, she hated the wet T-shirt scenes because she felt exploited. At the time of filming she was not told that the filmmakers would shoot the scenes in such a provocative way, and she felt tricked.

It took her well-received turn in "Rich and Famous" (1981) before she was really recognized in the US as a serious actress. She received Golden Globe nominations for her roles in "Who is killing the great chefs in Europe?" (1978) and "Under The Volcano" (1984). In 1996 she was nominated for a César award, the French equivalent of the Oscar, for her role in "Cérémonie, La" (1995).

Bisset has never married, but has been involved in several long-term romantic relationships. She continues to make numerous films, and frequently participates in film festivals and award ceremonies around the world.
She's Angelina Jolie's godmother.

source: imdb


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