sexta-feira, 26 de junho de 2009

60's clicks

Jean Shrimpton

Inside her closet

1 - Sunglasses HERE
2 - Blazer HERE
3 - Top HERE
4 - High waisted trousers HERE
5 - Belt HERE
6 - Shoes HERE

quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2009

60's clicks

Patty Pravo

60's Couples

Sylvie Vartan (1944) and Jean-Philippe Smet(1943), known as Johnny Hallyday, met in 1862 during her second concert in Paris Olympia hall.

In 1963 they toured France together and then starred in the movie D'où viens-tu, Johnny?.

Later in 1963, after announcing their engagement over the radio, the young couple performed to a noisy audience of 200,000 at the La Nation Square of Paris.

On April 12 1965 they were married in Loconville. They had a son David Michael Benjamin, known as David Hallyday.

Johnny and Sylvie were France's "Golden Couple" of their generation and their marriage was among the most carefully watched relationships for the French publicity.

As Johnny openly preferred pals to parenting, they had many disagreements and finally divorced on November 4, 1980.



60's Screen Captures

Francoise Hardy in Grand Prix (1966)