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60's Icon Profile: Anita Pallenberg


Date of Birth:
25 January 1944, Rome, Italy

Birth Name: Anita Pallenberg
Heigh: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
Mini Biography:

Anita Pallenberg is probably best known for her romantic links to three of the original Rolling Stones. She was born in Italy in 1944. She became a model and appeared on covers of magazines such as Vogue. In 1965 she began dating Brian Jones. Subsequently, she left him for Keith Richards in 1967, marring him. She has two children, Marlon and Angela aka Dandelion, with Keith. They were together from 67 to 79. She had a brief fling with Mick Jagger on the set of Performance. Several Rolling Stones songs such as "Angie" and "You Got The Silver" were written for her. After recovering from heroin addiction and her break-up with Keith, Anita studied to be a fashion designer.

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