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60's Clicks

Marianne Faithfull & Mick Jagger

out and about

60's Clicks

Sylvie Vartan & Johnny Holliday

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60's Inspiration

Sienna Miller & Baltazar Getty


Audrey Hepburn & Albert Finney (in "Two for the Road" (1967))

Ok, of course there's no real inspiration from Sienna and Balthazar's part, but their images at the beach instantly make me think of Audrey and Albert's ones in the movie "Two for the Road"

Audrey and Albert

Sienna and Balthazar

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60's Clicks


60's Clicks

Jean Shrimpton

60's Icons childs


Both girls were born in London.

Theodora is a model in NYC. She is known in New York for her rock chic style, and out going spirit, she is also a talented young artist. She studies on her own for painting and drawing.

Alexandra is also a model, artist, and DJ in NYC.

Family Shoots

The girls and their mom and dad at "Pirates of the Caribbean" premier

Both girls and mommy...

Girls and daddy....

Alex and Theo...

Theo and Alex...this shoot is beautiful, they look gorgeous!

Alexandra Shoots

Theodora Shoots

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70's Inspiration

70's inspired shoot of me...by my bf :)

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60's Videotech

Interview with Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, 1970

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60's Clicks

cutting hair