sábado, 7 de fevereiro de 2009

60's Inspiration: Marianne Faithfull

Kate Moss
at a festival wearing pieces of clothing inspired on a Marianne Faithfull 60's outfit!

Left: Marianne faithfull // Right: Kate Moss

1 - Black top HERE
2 - For coat HERE
3 - Button trim boots HERE
4 - Leather pants HERE
5 - Loop Rings & Chains Leather Belt HERE
5 - Double Pendant HERE

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Anônimo disse...

Kate's outfit is remotely like Marianne's. Kate wore lace cape and boots while Marianne wore fur coat and ballets and how's that similar? Kate's style is not orginial but the news that Marianne accused kate of copying her style is far-fetching. everyone knows Kate copies her boyfriend style, and if she sometimes copies 60's style icon then i would say it's MORE Anita Pallenberg.