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60's Icon Profile: Pattie Boyd


Date of Birth: 17 March 1944, Somerset, England

Birth Name: Patricia Anne Boyd
Heigh: 5' 7" (1.70 m)

Mini Biography:

Pattie is a model and photographer, and the first wife of George Harrison (The Beatles), after whom she married Eric Clapton. She was the inspiration of love songs written by both musicians, most notably Harrison's "Something," and Clapton's "Layla", "Wonderful Tonight," and "Bell Bottom Blues."

Boyd started her modelling career in 1962, but was rejected by many photographers owing to her unconventional looks, including rather prominent front teeth; one stated, "models don't look like rabbits". She modelled in London, New York and Paris, and was photographed by David Bailey and Terence Donovan.

An exhibition of photographs taken by Boyd during her days with Harrison and Clapton opened at the San Francisco Art Exchange on Febreuary 14, 2005, titled Through the Eye of a Muse. The exhibition also ran again in San Francisco in February 2006, and for six weeks between June and July 2006, in London.

Source: wikipedia



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think-differently disse...


I've never seen this blog, and I really love it!! i'm seeing all the old posts
i'm lost in the 60's too, and completly! thank you for all this fashion treeny and retro information!

excellent blog, thank u anither time
so, what about jane asher!!
she is my most fashion idol!

bye from the 60s!

apocalypstick disse...

Your blog continues to be one of the best and one of my all time favorites. Love love love love

i heart fashion disse...

Lovely blog! Patti Boyd is one my all time style icons. .x.