sexta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2009

I'm sorry it took me so long to post...I've been so busy the last few weeks...

So...about Jane Birkin's concert...IT WAS AMAZING!!

She's the nicest lady!!

At some point, she was so so so close to me (I was in the second row) goddd! Beautiful Jane!

Her smile has not changed one bit...when she smiles you can see the 60's Jane!

She kept talking about Serge Gainsbourg, she sang some of his songs!

Here's a small video of the concert

Oh, btw, her outfit was by her daughter Lou Doillon ;)

Here are some pictures of the concert book I bought (Jane as a little cute!!)

And of course...I bought the concert album....

...and a few days ago I also bought a Francoise Hardy album.."The Vogue Years"

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yoli disse...

she's beautiful

Lovely Leti disse...

Thanks for posting this! God! I ADORE Jane! One thing i love about her is her smile! I´m so glad it didn´t change! And she is the nicest lady! I´m so happy she talked about Serge. It´s so clear that he was soooo important to her. One of my 60´s fav couple! And her outfit was Lou´s? That´s so nice! She looks like her mother more and more each day. Love her style as much as i loved Jane´s!
I´m glad you had a good time, lucky girl! Peace!

Amy Joy disse...

I love your blog is timeless unique and perfection!!!
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