quarta-feira, 4 de abril de 2012

60's Fashion Inspiration

It's clear to me that Lana del Rey takes a lot of inspiration from Jean Shrimpton

(right: Jean Shrimpton (60's) | left: Lana del Rey)

60s 01

60s 02

60s 03

60s 04

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Anônimo disse...

:O thats incredible ! she's just another look a like

Lola Re disse...

I didn't know that...kind of a disappointment. :(


Anna disse...

wow, so alike!

Anônimo disse...

That's so crazy! It doesn't change my opinion about Lana Del Rey either good or bad, but I think this post is super interesting. Especially the first photo.

joule disse...

You're right, especially fist two pictures are similar. I didn't know these things about Lana, but it's normal that people want to take inspiration from people with good, I mean gooood style. You have a great eye for noticing things lik this!

Lana disse...

I'm pretty obsessed by the 60's, so I LOVE your blog!
I'm following you. My blog is about fashion but it's in Dutch, so you probably wont understand it... (I do have nice pictures :D)
x Lana

Btw, Lana Del Rey and I; we may have the same name, but I'm much more original than her :p

avenue in wonderland disse...

I absolutely love your blog!

As well as Lana Del Rey & The 60's.

Doing a great job!


Indi suisse disse...

beautiful like it.

Anônimo disse...

belle foto! anche io ho un blog che ne dici di passare? mi farebbe molto piacere!ingiown

Jude @ CR Fancy Dress disse...

Lovely flower hair clips, really nice pics too.

staklene bombone disse...

you little detective! great job:)

staklene bombone

Mali Gold disse...

wow i love your blog! both of them looks beautiful!

Mali Gold disse...

fantastic! awesome blog..they are both pretty!

Fifikoussout disse...

yeah I love comparaison photos, great work here!

Constance disse...

That's so true! I 've never realized!


Anthea Lau disse...

very beautiful 60s inspirations! love the flower crowns and vintage vibe <3

Check out my new outfit post featuring neon pink and beetlejuice!

Afarin disse...

This is great! I really like her 60's inspired look. It's unique from what other musicians are doing.