terça-feira, 15 de março de 2011

60's Inspiration

Kate Moss, once more, took inspiration in Brigitte Bardot for her crazy big hair

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Anônimo disse...

Hello, I am french and I love very much your blog... It is great ! thank you :)

Violet Séverine disse...

Lovely blog! I love 60s fashion. ;)

LadyNoir disse...

Kate is amazing:)


Madeleine disse...

oh, how lovely to find another girl who's also addicted to the 60s! :)

Anônimo disse...

Hello, your blog is amazing! I have a question. I'm doing a project in school so can you tell me a few actresses from the 60/70's that have blue eyes and brown hair? Thank you! :)

H A R R Y G O A Z disse...



Parabéns pelo blog!

A and A disse...

Kate Moss is still undeniably the most classic beauty... how old is she? look at her!
Loving your blog.... you knew I would though eh?
We belong in THE era.
Were your parents 60's hippies too?

Adie Andrews disse...

The similaity between both of them s just amazing. But I should say that I've always love Kate for her provocative style.

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Aaron disse...

:)) 60`s was a fantastic. Kate is a part of them, so it is fantastic too. Good blog also. Keep up the good work.

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Betsan Evans disse...

I love this hairstyle!xxx

Anônimo disse...

she's doing another Bardot hair recently... I want to know how! great post by the way! :)
xx so