sexta-feira, 1 de maio de 2009

60's Fashion Inspiration: Jumpsuit Shorts

(Sylvie Vartan , Anna Karina, Kate Moss)

Jumpsuit was big in the 60's....and guess what? It's huge this season!

Here are some sugestions
1 - Herringbone Jumpsuit w/ Belt
2 - Chloé Pleated tank jumpsuit
3 - Juicy Couture Terrycloth playsuit
4 - Smocked Denim Jumpsuit
5 - Maje Kiona silk playsuit

3 comentários:

Aretha disse...

Anna Karina's jumpsuit is super short!

think-differently disse...

so cooool!

Paris disse...

I love the Anna Karina pic, the little bit of bottom peeping out is strangely chic and super cool sexy!