quarta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2009

Inside her closet: Jane Birkin / Kate Moss

This is a very simple outfit, and even though it's originaly Jane Birkin's, Kate Moss looks amazing in it! She sure gets her inspiration from 60's icons

1 - Wide jeans HERE
2 - Grey shirt HERE
3 - Platform sandals HERE
4 - Bag HERE
5 - Brown belt HERE

3 comentários:

Almie disse...


You are so good at this.

Anônimo disse...

i don't know why you would say the outfit of t-shirt tucked into jeans worn by Jane is original. this outfit was not invented in the 60's. it was already done in the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's.

Lost in the 60's disse...

^women in jeans before the 60's?? I don't think so...! So by reading your comments I understand you're a Kate Moss fan...its ok, I love Kate too and what I do here is show that some of her fabulous outfits are inspired in the 60's, and that's what I love about here! I only wish I could put things together like her! So..there's no need to come here and defend Kate's style...we all get inspirations from somewhere, even miss Kate!