segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2008

Inside her closet: France Gall

Here's a
France Gall look....very parisien!

1- Basic Long Sleeve HERE
2- Red Angora Beret HERE
3- Grey skirt HERE
4- Boots HERE
5- Purse HERE

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Anônimo disse...

Hey! I love your blog! I'm obsessed with 60's fashion and Brigitte Bardot as well, and I love it when you post something related to both.

That France Gall outfit looks great (both the original and the suggested). Do you know if frenchy berets where used often in the 60's/70's? If so, only the French wore it?

May I request something? I would LOVE to see how waist belts were used by celebrities. Thank you in advance, and keep posting! (I can't believe that nobody comments, god!)

And a Happy New Year!

S.Elisabeth disse...

Ooh, found this blog on and I lovvee itt; please post more. the sixties are my new interest as of late (actually it's probably always been there)