domingo, 5 de outubro de 2008

60's look-a-likes

Sometimes when I'm going truth some pics from 60s fashion icons I
can't help but notice similiarities between then and today's stars.

Here are some examples:

France Gall // Kate Bosworth:
Image Hosted by

Catherine Deneuve // Keira Knightley:
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Mischa Barton // Charlotte Rampling:
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Claudia Schiffer // Brigitte Bardot:
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2 comentários:

Almie Clarissa Darling disse...

I did something like this once! I would send you the pictures but I think they're long deleted. I compared Kirsten Dunst with Sylvie Vartan and Sienna Miller with France Gall.

hrose disse...

i would never have thought it, but you have picked almost identical pictures.. i mean katherine deneuve and keira look like sisters in those pics.

and in the last one, brigitte bardot also looks like lara stone. is it the teeth?

cool pics, love the bouffant hair.